Crowdin SDK for Android and iOS Apps

Make your apps multilingual faster by easily providing context for translators to make relevant translations, and releasing the latest translations immediately.

  • Abordabilité

    If you have less than 100K MAU you can use Crowdin's SDK for free. The higher tiers are priced fairly based on the MAU.

  • Haute vitesse

    Crowdin sends translations via Amazon CloudFront. Users instantly receive translations from the closest server.

  • Sécurité

    User data is stored exclusively on Amazon Servers, never compromising on data security.

Deliver better app translations, faster

Send new translations from Crowdin to your application over-the-air with no need to update your app on Google Play or App Store. The Crowdin SDK for Android and iOS contains two additional components that you can connect: real-time translation preview and easy screenshots upload and tagging.

Diffusion de contenu en direct

Users receive the latest translations directly from a distribution on your Crowdin project. Save a lot of time when releasing new translations. No need to wait for them to be published via Google Play or App Store.

Real-Time Preview

Translators can instantly preview translations they are making in Crowdin on their version of the application. Simplify LQA (linguistic quality assurance), so your team can do an in-context check of the translated content.

Captures d'écran

Project owner and managers can make screenshots right within the app version where this component is enabled. Screenshots will automatically appear in the project with tagged source strings.

Comment installer et configurer le SDK ?

SDK Android

Learn how to start with Crowdin SDK for localization of your Android app.

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Learn how to start with Crowdin SDK for localization of your iOS app.

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