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Top brands around the world rely on Crowdin to organize Continuous Project Localization, which plays well with development as well as help save time and resources on translations.

They can also be handy with utilizing custom translation Workflows.

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Traduire et de gérer le processus de manière plus efficace, plus rapide et plus intelligente

Traduisez n'importe quel type de contenu

Simplifiez et accélerez les traudction de vos application mobile et Web, vos jeux et helpdesks.

Integrate with a favorite technology and system

Speed up the development and project localization synchronizing source and translation files with your repository and Crowdin project

Logiciel de bureau
Sites web & applications
Documents & ressources
Jeux video
Contenu vidéo & sous-titres
Applications mobile
Traducteurs à domicile Agences de traduction Traducteurs participatifs

Choisissez votre propre stratégie de traduction

Organize in-house translators, proofreaders and project managers in a team. Manage localization with no hassle.

Order Professional Translations in certified Crowdin vendors. No back and forth files sendings, easy payments and updates.

Ask your end users to help with localization while having fun and hanging with each other in the platform. Crowdin will do the rest.

Localization tool have enabled us to build strong partnerships with organizations around the world, leading to a dramatic increase in international awareness and product usage.

Natalie Rothfels
Translations Project Coordinator, Khan Academy

Intégrez la localisation dans votre développement

Nouvelle version de l'application
Recueillir le contenu traduisible
Traduction dans Crowdin
Commit vers un CVS (SVN, Git...)

Crowdin provides powerful tools to manage localization for projects of Any type and Any size.
With Localization Management Platform you get: Continuous Localization, Accountability and Reporting, Simple Workflow management.

Automation is a beautiful thing!

So you are agile. You use project management tool to manage tasks, GIT to manage source code. If you work on multilingual project and do not use localization management tool, value of the mentioned tools is squandered.

Here at Crowdin we observed tens of thousands of localization projects. We do our best to give you best practice and processes along with the technology.

Sergey Dmytryshyn CEO de Crowdin
API Restful avancée

Automate routine tasks. Let your developers to access Crowdin by using defined HTTPS requests and structured XML or JSON responses. Send new content for translation right after when it appears.

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Command-Line Integration Tool

Integrate easier Crowdin with your build or CI server. Connect Crowdin CLI directly to your version control system and never deal with localization files manually.

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