Our team and philosophy

Crowdin is privately held profitable company based in Ukraine. From our beginnings as localization management
platform, we are delivering an exceptional experience for software developers and translators.

About Crowdin

Localization management for businesses of any size.

More than 1 000 000 people use Crowdin to translate, manage and organize localization projects. No matter if you manage projects for clients, you work for a Fortune 100 company, or you're self-employed, Crowdin has features and integrations that will suit your localization needs.

Our story and passion

Crowdin started up in 2009, and we’ve been growing since.

In fact, development began few years before that: when it was impossible to find a good solution for software translation. The one that doesn’t require learning tons of documentation to translate a simple file.

Starting back then and till today our passion is to keep it simple and “WOW” our customers with outstanding user experience. We owe huge thanks to our customers for joining us on this exceptional journey, and we hope that you’ll continue being a part of our story.

Don't take our word for it

Over 69500 software products coming from companies of all sizes use Crowdin to manage and translate their projects every month. They love what they do, and we love helping them do it.

Meet the team

We are always there for you.

Serghiy Dmytryshyn
Taras Prosvirov
Technical Director
Anton Yurkiv
Product Manager
Nataliya Zaverchuk
Project Manager
Yuriy Kushnir
Product Manager
Andriy Poznakhovskyy
Head of Customer Success Team
Yulia Tsebriy
Talent Manager
Lyudmyla Baron
Strategic Partnership Manager
Iryna Bilyk
Sales Operations Coordinator
Mykhailo Rokhalskyy
Customer Success Manager
Yulia Riznyk
Customer Success Manager
Olya Yavorska
Customer Success Manager
Dima Sopronchuk
Customer Success Manager
Mariana Diediukh
Customer Success Manager
Ruslan Vovk
Customer Success Manager
Yuliya Harashchuk
Customer Success Manager
Yaryna Matushkevych
Onboarding Manager
Khrystyna Humenna
Content Manager
Oksana Poshva
Operations Manager
Victor Popivchak
System Administrator
Yaroslav Zakharchuk
Chief Marketing Officer
Olena Gos
Marketing Analyst
Oksana Demyak
Marketing Analyst
Mykola Borkovskyi
Lead Web Developer
Bohdan Bobko
Lead Web Developer
Dmytro Protsyk
Head of Quality Assurance Team
Serhiy Kozlovskiy
Software Engineer
Vasyl Khomko
Quality Assurance Engineer
Mikolay Korniat
Web Developer
Pavlo Poloz
Quality Assurance Engineer
Andrii Ostapchuk
Web Developer
Roman Olih
Web Developer
Viktor Fedorovich
Quality Assurance Engineer
Andrew Stoyan
Web Developer
Andrii Bodnar
Software Engineer
Yurii Ivanyshak
Web Developer
Yaroslav Andriichuk
Web Developer
Yura Smetanka
Web Developer
Oleksandr Halushchak
Web Designer
Mykhailo Dudar
Designer / Illustrator

Company address

Crowdin Inc.
Shashkevycha, 3
Ternopil, 46008 Ukraine



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